Broker enhancement starts here.

Lolli combines AI-driven insights and automated data entry with client engagement tools and back book lead generation. 

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We’re the competitive advantage your firm needs.

Lolli is the broker enhancement platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing sales and back-office processes. 

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Lolli is built by brokers, for brokers.

In 2022, one of Australia’s leading brokerages partnered with a strategic technology firm to build the world’s first broker enhancement platform. 

We knew exactly what kept brokers from operating at 100%, because we’d been there too. 

So we didn’t build a SaaS tool with a single use case. 

Instead, Lolli is a way to transform how your brokerage works – to automate the routine, streamline the complex, and consolidate the chaotic.   

It’s the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for. 

Lolli is the missing link in modern back-office processes.

Since we’ve rolled out Lolli across our four brokering divisions, we’ve seen increases in closed-won deals and significant decreases in loan processing times.

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Clear your firm’s biggest roadblocks.

We know what holds brokerages back – and we know what a future without those roadblocks feels like.  

Low Closed-Won Rates

If your sales pipeline is full but your meetings aren’t converting, it’s probably because prospects aren’t sure that you’re the right broker for them.

Lolli’s pre-meeting insights mean you come to the table with personalised strategies that help close deals.

Inconsistent Data

Manual-handling errors and discrepancies in how brokers pass data to your back-office teams can slow down loan processing.

With auto-generated diary notes and standardised data entry, Lolli makes faster processing simple.

High-Cost Training

Not every broker has the financial acumen they need to run analyses and generate insights.

Instead, you can use Lolli’s pre-meeting insights and LSS reports to empower your team – less broker training and more accurate analyses.

Scattered Information

Keeping track of client data isn’t always easy.

With CRM integration, Lolli unites current and historical data into easy-access digital reports that both you and your clients will love.

Enrich experiences and enhance efficiency.